POP GO is when QCA Artists (Current + Alumni students) and staff pop overseas and share their art experiences with photos and text of their time abroad.
This could be part of a scholarship, prize or grant or simply a holiday that you have experienced a major dosage of good art that you want to share with other like minded art enthusiasts.  Sharing these experiences will introduce certain grants in a positive or not so exciting way. i encourage both good and bad experiences with the reminder that what one experiences can vary from one person to the next. With helpful hints like a cool gallery, jaw dropping exhibitions, budgeting, and any quirks to make art experience smoother.  Lets share the fun places, festivals, events, art markets or even a wild art opening or party while in a particular country.

So if you fit the art POP bill, this cyberspace is available to send your information relating to any art experiences you encounter overseas. Email me and i will post it here – POP GO EMAIL -  info@popgallery.com.au. (may be subject to editing)

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